In a continued statement of Bitcoin SV industry collaboration, Bitstocks today announced the formation of a new Advisory Board and the five leading business people who will sit upon it.

Joining Michael Hudson, CEO of Bitstocks, on the Board will be:

Of the appointments to the Advisory Board, Hudson said:

These are some of the sharpest minds in the space, both in that they’re experts in the technology and that every single one of them is pro-humanity. That was a significant part of our selection process - choosing people who are smart and who put their money where their mouth is with what they’re building, but who are also building on behalf of humanity; they’re fighting the good fight.

With years of expertise in industries spanning financial services, ground-breaking scientific research, renewable energy, social media and accounting, this group of CEO’s will bring some formidable clout to the Bitstocks table. And they’re all delighted to be there.

Of being asked to be an Advisory Board member, Josh Petty of Twetch said: “What excites me about Bitstocks is their disruptive approach to the world of finance. The drive to put more power back into the hands of the consumer, through the transparency of blockchain technology, aligns with my mission for Twetch and our approach to social media. So it was an easy fit for me.”

Hudson goes on to explain the role which this new Advisory Board will take within Bitstocks; “We want a review process of the technology that we're building, to establish gold standards within the industry. We need people we trust to scrutinise it thoroughly - to battle test it, rip it apart, tell us if it’s any good. And tell us if certain parts are terrible! We need a feedback loop from trusted individuals around us who are experts on the technology and the industry, and who have integrity.

Petty echoed this sentiment:

Bitstocks have got a big vision and I’m on the Board to be a part of that journey, to help contribute to the future direction of the company and add value to Bitstocks as it grows.”

The Board is projected to meet on a formal basis once a quarter, which will build on the already existing relationships between Bitstocks and these companies. Three out of the five members have already been featured as guests on the Bitstocks Podcast or contributed to articles on the Bitstocks Blog.


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