You know how as a kid  - or sometimes as an adult 👀  - you open the fridge, scan the contents, and then, a bit disheartened, close the door. Give it 15 minutes, and you’re back to check if something amazingly delicious has miraculously found its way inside the fridge. 

This is a bit of me! 

Instead of the fridge door, though, it’s my banking app! Serial logins as though some incredible windfall will magically appear with at least one stroke of my passcode.  But no - sigh -  in reality, it’s dwindled yet again as those pesky standing orders (okay, and a few too many Amazon or UberEats orders than necessary) have been processed.  

I know I’m not alone, though. From the conversations I’ve had with friends and family over the last few months, it seems like there’s plenty of us in the same boat. 

The third national lockdown diminished our already-low disposable income, at best, and left many without steady and reliable income, at worst. It’s safe to say that the COVID pandemic has opened our eyes to the fragility of finance, the impact of recessions, and how crucial it is to take ownership of our own financial sovereignty

One way to do so is to diversify our income streams. Back in 2020, I brought you a round-up of 10 side hustle ideas, and it’s become one of the most popular articles on our blog. In it, I covered side hustle ideas like babysitting, freelancing, and handyman services, but I thought you may appreciate a follow-up with another 10! 

So, here we go … again! 




Another 10 Side Hustle Ideas 

1. Pet Sitting 🐶 🦎 🦜

Furry, feathery or even ‘scaley’ kids are just as much part of families as human ones, and there are times when they may need a bit of looking after too! Pet sitting as a side hustle could be anything from a few hours a day through to a long weekend, or even for the summer holidays. If you’re more of an animal lover than a babysitter, this could be the perfect job for you! 

2. Selling Upcycling Projects

Are you one of those people who loves giving new life or purpose to something old? Maybe it’s a well-worn chest of drawers that just needs a good sanding and lick of paint, or perhaps it's a bigger reupholstery project that tickles your fancy? It’s relatively easy (and often cheap/free) to pick a piece otherwise headed for the dump and restore it to its former glory, or even change its function entirely. With most things creative, the options are endless with a bit of imagination (or Pinteresting).

3. Cleaning Homes 🧹

Get a buzz from transforming a home from dusty and dirty to sparkling clean? Then offering cleaning services may be the way to go. Despite being house proud myself, I’m a full-time working Mum, and I despise the idea of spending my weekends and evenings dusting shelves, vacuuming the stairs, scrubbing bathroom tiles or mopping floors. I know I’d be more than happy to pay someone to help keep my home into tip-top shape so I can make the most of family time. 

Bonus: You could extend this to include washing and ironing services (for an extra charge - or as a standalone service) to really make someone’s day!

4. Landscaping & Lawns 

Summer is around the corner, and with it comes the promise of sun-drenched days socialising with friends in the garden. If you’re blessed with green fingers, why not put them to work planting and maintaining gardens, mowing lawns, or hedge trimming?

Can’t spare the long hours required for a full service? Perhaps consider opening your own ‘nursery’ planting seeds 🌱 and selling off seedlings. 

5. Sewing Services 🧵✂️

Put your D&T sewing skills to good use by setting up a side hustle offering alterations and tailoring services for anything from trousers to curtains, or take it one step further and sew and sell custom items from scratch.

6. Dropshipping or Fulfilment by Warehouse 

This is an excellent choice for someone who doesn’t have the space to hold stock of items or get involved with the shipping aspect of an online shop. As the name suggests, you’re dropping the shipping responsibility of selling online into someone else’s lap - the supplier. Shopify allows for dropshipping via your shop, but you’re responsible for finding your supplier and products. 

Amazon offers fulfilment services (Fulfilled by Amazon) where you’re able to hold your stock in their warehouses, and they’ll take care of the packaging and delivery of your items for a nominal fee. The bonus here is that your products will automatically qualify for Amazon Prime delivery. 

7. Offer Music Lessons 🎸🎻 🎹

Whether it's the piano, drums, ukulele, flute or guitar, if you’re a master of your instrument and can teach someone else the ropes (should that be chords?), you’re bound to find interest from those looking to lose themselves in a melody or three. 

8. Bakes and Cakes 🎂 🍪 🍩

Can you smash out a 3-tier chocolate cake, layered in ganache, crumbed in perfect buttercream and finished off with the finest fondant forest creatures or Fortnite characters? If so, you’re probably the envy of most Mums and may find yourself in high demand for sweet treats for birthday celebrations - or any occasion that calls for cake! (Which, my book, is any time really!)

Tip: Offer gluten-free and vegan-friendly options for extra brownie points! (Get it?) 

9. Party Entertainer or Planner 🎈🍸🎶

Since we were on the subject of celebrations - calling all magicians, DJs, and balloon artists! Parents plug a lot of cash into creating memorable birthday parties for children, often looking for an entertainment element to top it off. If you’re a born entertainer, this may be an ideal opportunity for you. This idea can also be considered a bit broader in terms of entertainment for special events and festivals too! 

Not too much of a stand-up comedian yourself but gifted with perfect planning skills? Why not identify suitable entertainers and activities, and put together a customisable party package that puts you in the executive, non-entertainer seat.

10. Start a Blog 💻

Do you have a passion for something in particular that you could write about regularly? Perhaps it’s sharing your killer recipe repertoire or all things photography, maybe even as a ‘tour guide’ for activities to do, places to see, and must-try restaurants in your area.

Typically, a blog will generate income when you introduce advertising and affiliate links. You’ll be paid when people click on these links or buy a product you’ve recommended within your writing. 

Tip: You could take this one step further and offer a comprehensive eBook on your chosen topic for a download fee. 

Bonus Idea: Join Gravity Introducers 

I couldn’t write an article about ways to make extra money without including the Gravity Introducers Programme! It’s so simple, really. 

When you sign up for Gravity, you can activate Introducers (in the Add Service tab) and then share your unique link with your friends, family, frenemies and far-flung acquaintances. Once they sign up, you’ll earn 20% of their transactions fees. These referral fees are paid out daily (at midnight) in Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV). And the best part is that as long as they carry on transacting, and you’re a Gravity client, you’ll continue to earn! No additional work needed!


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