Follow Gravity and you’ll most definitely come across a few terms we use regularly: ‘community’, ‘sovereignty’, ‘collaboration’, ‘empower’. For us, these aren’t simply words we throw around willy-nilly. These are guiding principles; embedded in our mission, in the business decisions we make, and in everything we do. 

We want to build a community of empowered people. People who are dedicated to building their sovereignty (both financial and intellectual) and, at the same time, helping others to do the same. 

While the tools and technology we’re building enable this at a technical level, the Gravity Introducers Programme is a mechanism to make this possible from a practical perspective. 

What is the Gravity Introducers Programme? 

The Introducers Programme is a single level referral system. You earn referral fees from people who have been directly introduced by you and only you. (No dodgy MLM here, thanks!) 

We won’t fob you off with a fiver or tenner as a once-off payment, either. Instead, you’ll earn a percentage of your referrals’ transactions fees, for as long as you remain an Introducer with a Gravity account, and they transact on Gravity. 

How Does the Gravity Introducers Programme Work? 

How to Sign Up for the Gravity Introducers Programme


Any user of Gravity is eligible to be an Introducer. To ‘activate’ Introducers, you simply need to log in to your Gravity account and then click on the ‘Add Service’ link. You’ll be taken through 3 quick slides, and reminded of the Terms and Conditions of the Introducers Programme. (These are incorporated into the standard T&C’s you agreed to when you joined Gravity.) 

And that’s it! Your Introducers account will be activated, and you can start sharing your referral link straight away.  

How Do Referral Links Works?

Introducers are given a unique referral link on the Gravity platform. You’ll find your referral link on the Introducers dashboard once you’re logged into Gravity. 

What is a Referral? 

A referral is someone you introduce to Gravity, and they sign up using your unique Introducers referral link. They’ll need to successfully onboard - meaning pass all regulatory checks - to be counted as a referral on your network. 

On the Introducers dashboard in Gravity, you won’t be able to see any personal details of your referrals, e.g. names, account balances or transactions (because: data privacy). Still, you’ll be able to see the number of referrals you have at any given time. 

How are Introducers Paid?

Introducers earn 20% of the transaction fee, as applied by Gravity, for any transactions their referrals complete on Gravity. The total referral fee is paid in Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) and added to your Introducers account daily, with a reference of ‘Referral Fee’ on your transactions list.  At this point, you decide what to do with your earnings. Sell it. Hold it. Withdraw it. Your money = your choice.

How Much Can I Earn from the Introducers Programme? 

There’s no limit to your earning potential on the Introducers Programme, as your referral fees are based on the number and value of transactions your referrals conclude. As an Introducer, you’ll earn 20% of the total transaction fee at the time of the transaction. 

While we aim to charge fees as close to 1% as possible, this is entirely dependent on the available liquidity and spreads at the time of the quote request. As a result, this is a variable charge and can vary from transaction to transaction. 

How to be a Successful Introducer?

We want you to be successful, so we’ve outlined a few guidelines that we believe will help you achieve this. 

Be Selective

While you're free to share your Introducer link with whoever you like, some considerations to your earning potential are: 

  • Risk of not being onboarded due to regulatory issues, e.g. not passing KYC / AML checks 
    • Avoid offering your referral link to anyone who poses a potential risk of not passing through identification verification checking that is standard within the financial services market. 
  • How much and/or how often they would be likely to buy and sell bitcoin (BSV or BTC)? 
    • You’ll want to pass on your referral link to people who are going to make use of the system, preferably regularly or with larger values. If your referrals aren’t interested in bitcoin or don’t understand it, they probably won’t accept your invitation, and you won’t accrue much in referral fees.  
    • That said, we do believe that we’ve built a system that’s incredibly user-friendly even for people who are new to bitcoin! If you want to encourage people to learn about the importance of bitcoin, why not point them to our Bitstocks Media YouTube channel or website. We’ve been creating and providing educational content about this space since 2014!
Be Personal 

We recommend using email or messaging as your preferred channel to share your referral link and information about Gravity. This gives your invitation more of a personal feel than, for example, a ‘spray and pray’ approach with a social media post. 

Be Reasonable 

Please promote Gravity for its true purpose; as a tool to buy, sell and store bitcoin. In the future, we’ll be able to offer everyday financial products backed by the power and scale of BSV. 

Gravity, Bitstocks, the Introducers Programme, or even bitcoin itself, should never be promoted as a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme or a means to exponential financial returns. You shouldn’t promise or guarantee that people will make money from an increase in bitcoin’s price. We reserve the right to revoke Introducer status and Gravity access from anyone found to be doing so.

Ready to start spreading the word? Register for your Gravity account today and then activate the Introducers Programme. Easy peasy! 

Are you a Gravity Introducer? Tweet us your thoughts and feedback using #MyGravity. 

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