BitGo, the Californian based cryptocurrency custodian, announced earlier this week that from 4 February 2020, with the much anticipated Genesis upgrade to the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) protocol, they would no longer be supporting BSV wallets.  

Urging clients to either move their BSV before the upgrade or trade to Bitcoin Core (BTC), BitGo explained: “This consensus rule change will make Pay-to-Script-Hash (P2SH) outputs invalid. Since BitGo’s BSV wallets use P2SH-based multi-signature addresses, the protocol change will render BitGo BSV wallets unable to receive funds.” 

But what BitGo has failed to plan for, is precisely what we’ve been ensuring Bitstocks’ Gravity is ready for. 

Gravity is not only ready for the BSV protocol roadmap, including the Genesis upgrade, but it's also explicitly built with the potential to scale at the heart of the ecosystem. While still in private BETA, and limited to UK residents at this point, plans are on track for Europe support in Q1 2020. 

Furthermore, boasting a track record of 5 years without a single breach in security, Bitstocks can assure users peace of mind of their assets, with cold storage implemented across all Gravity wallets. 

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