So, you’ve heard about Bitstocks’ Gravity, and you came here to find out more. Although our ecosystem of services will be growing over time, we want to start you off by introducing the key features and services we currently have available. 

For a snapshot of what we are planning on releasing over the rest of the year, I invite you to book your spot for our next webinar here.

Gravity Investments 

Gravity Investments is really a seamless on-ramp experience for users to invest in Bitcoin (BSV), Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). We are the first and only company to offer access to BSV with Faster Payments in the UK and we have recently expanded to Europe.

We have a thoroughly vetted onboarding process, and we pair between Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Core and also Bitcoin Cash. We're continuously onboarding service partners to ensure that the pricing of all of our digital assets are the best you can get and that you get the best experience in terms of onboarding, depositing your funds, and trading. 


The gif above shows you how quickly Gravity executes your buy and sell orders. At the same time, we give you an ample 15 seconds to consider the quoted price. This makes our platform different to many other trading and investment accounts, even though the actual design is very simple. Our Head of Design, Damien Hartley-Swan has ensured simplicity is at the core of everything on the platform, so you have a seamless experience without having to understand all the complexity going on behind the scenes.

WATCH: Damien H. Swan - Bitcoin, VR, UI & Designing Bitstocks Gravity - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 17

Damien H. Swan - Bitcoin, VR, UI & Designing Bitstocks Gravity - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 17


Gravity Investments is integrated with many of the main payment rails. Right now, our UK offering includes Faster Payments, meaning that deposits and withdrawals of fiat is processed within minutes. We're also on track to join the SEPA Instant network by the end of this quarter (Q2 2020), which will allow you to have the same functionality that you have in the UK all over Europe as well. It currently takes up to 24 hours for Euro deposits to come through. While that’s still relatively quick compared to our competitors, we’re aiming to get that down to instant with the introduction of SEPA Instant. 

Gravity Introducers

Our Introducers Programme is one of our offerings that sets us apart from the traditional banking space, as well as other players in the digital asset space. 

Gravity Introducers effectively allows you to earn Bitcoin SV as a result of the people that you bring into the ecosystem.

It's a single level referral system that's available to all users, giving you 20% of the transaction fees that are generated by anyone you’ve introduced to Gravity - for the lifetime of their account. The fees that you earn are paid into your account on a daily basis.

Your referral link is valid for 10 sign-ups to start off with because we want you to make a conscious and calculated decision about who you want to share your links with. Future updates of the Introducers Programme will allow you to earn more links, based on conversion rates.

To be clear, this is not a multi-level marketing scheme. 

We’re taking a community approach to building our bank. You know how Banks make hefty profits every year and they keep it for themselves? At Bitstocks, we're flipping the model. We want users in the ecosystem to benefit from our growth and our profitability. And that's the community we’re building here at Bitstocks. 

Many users are already seeing a solid passive income on their accounts, and we’ll continue to offer this programme on top of other services and products we add to the Gravity ecosystem, although some products may be exempt due to regulation. 


Security is the key part which underpins all the things we've built in Gravity. We're building a bank, remember? Throughout time, banking has always placed a high level of importance on security. 

In the 18th and 19th century, established banks invested large sums in pillars and vaults to communicate the messages of stability and security. They built these permanent constructions to illustrate their long-term commitment to the locations that they’ve set up in.

It’s not any different for you and me today. It’s your hard-earned money that has cost you a lot of time. You’ve worked long hours to generate your income so you can keep your family safe. You wouldn't want to entrust it to anyone or any institution that takes risks with your funds. 

We take your trust seriously, which is why our cold storage solution is part of Gravity’s very foundation. We’ve made significant investments in building our digital storage solution from scratch. Our CTO, David Arakelian, built this hundred percent Cold Storage solution so there's no risk of hacking. Since we were founded in 2014, we’ve had many hacking attempts on our platform, with zero breaches! 

Compare that to big institutions in the digital asset space who are handling millions of users, and still allow themselves to get hacked. We haven’t been hacked in six years, and we’ll continue to keep up our record.

Two-factor authentication is another feature we’ve added to our platform to give every single user an extra layer of security. This means that you won’t be able to access any trades, any investments, or even be able to view the money that you have in your account, without this second method of authentication. Making this compulsory sets us apart from our competitors. We refuse to take any chances on the security of your funds. With two-factor authentication in place, your assets are safe and sound from the moment you’ve been on-boarded.


To access the above features, all you have to do is sign up for Gravity and go through our simple onboarding process.

Gravity onboarding

The video above illustrates exactly how quick and easy it is. You verify your identity, secure your account with 2FA (two-factor authentication). Once you’ve entered your 2FA code you see our terms and conditions, before you’re taken straight to setting up your account with your name to await verification.

If you haven't registered already, you can head over to our website to do so. We'd love to hear your favourite features. Tweet us using #MyGravity. 

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