Since the beginning of Bitstocks, it has always been a long-term objective of the business to contribute to charitable causes in cryptocurrency. 

The devastating effect that super storm Hurricane Irma had on the Caribbean over the last week, battering the islands and leaving many already disadvantaged people without homes, or hope, in a remote location, has prompted me to fast-track these plans.

To this end, Bitstocks has set up a dedicated bitcoin wallet to help get relief to the islands as quickly as possible, and have transferred an initial amount of £10,000. 

You can verify the transaction and contribute here.

Bitcoin offers the world many gifts, but an incredibly powerful one is the opportunity to initiate global payments, at an insignificant cost, with almost instantaneous availability. For charities spread across the world, this is an ideal mix of qualities to help fund their efforts and bring rapid relief to those impacted by natural disasters.

Hurricane Irma Leaves the Caribbean in Tatters

Direct Relief is a non-profit organisation in the US that has embraced the power of cryptocurrency and accepts bitcoin donations for their disaster relief initiatives. At the moment, they have people on the ground, providing emergency packs and aid to the victims of Hurricanes Irma.

And we are going to help them do it!

Being a relatively fitness orientated bunch, the Bitstocks team quickly decided they would like to combine brawn with bitcoin to help the victims. Before our weekly morning meeting was through we were signed up for the Tough Mudder in South London, happening this coming Saturday, 16 September 2017! They have promised we will be physically and mentally challenged by the overgrown woodlands, undulating hills, gruelling trails and gritty mud of Holmbush Estate in our quest to raise funds.


Contribute, Without Breaking a Sweat!

Bitstocks has set up a dedicated bitcoin wallet for the cause and have transferred an initial amount of £10,000 to kick off the fundraising. You can verify this here.

Simply send your donation to the wallet address below and we will make a final transfer to Direct Relief at noon on Friday 22 September, and publish the blockchain transfer record thereafter.

The Bitcoin wallet address for fundraising is 18hJhaFQb5rWiYbnvH4DU5d6dWhTjLmHyU

Are you a Bitstocks client and want to donate from your Bitstocks wallet? No problem. Just let us know the amount you would like to add and we will confirm the transaction with you.

This is truly global, transparent financial aid at its best.

It is also worthwhile to note that Tough Mudder’s official UK partner charity of choice is Help for Heroes and therefore a portion of our entry fees will help this worthy cause provide assistance to our local military veterans too.

Image credits: Lionel Chamoiseau/AFP/Getty Images, Tatiana Fernandez/AP, Ernesto Mastrascusa/Getty Images

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