We answer the most common questions we’ve had from our community about our crowdfunding campaign.

Please note, our crowdfunding campaign is now closed.
You can view the details on our pitch page, but it is no longer possible to invest.

Why are you calling it crowdfunding? Are you actually selling shares?

Crowdfunding is raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount and get shares or portions of shares in the business. It’s different to crowdsourcing as it’s not a donation or a gift - you actually invest and get a stake in the business in return! So yes, we’re selling shares in Bitstocks.

Why are Bitstocks crowdfunding?

We deliberately chose to crowdfund over going down the venture capital route. Our whole message as a company, from the beginning, has been one of individual sovereignty; we’re building upon transparency and building new financial infrastructure on top of the Bitcoin SV ledger. We want to be engaged with our community and to each be vested in each other's success. Bitstocks will always be ‘by the people, for the people’.

So who can invest?

Pretty much anyone! You can invest if you’re from the UK, Europe, Asia, South America - even Australia! But CrowdCube can't accept investment from people in Canada and Japan (due to financial restrictions). They can accept investment from the USA, so long as it's more than £20k, the investor is accredited and the subscription agreement is countersigned by an attorney.

However, please be aware that Gravity accounts are currently only available in the UK & Europe (excluding Germany, The Netherlands & Switzerland).

Are there any rewards for investors?

Yes, anyone who invests will get all of the below benefits:

  • Automatically become Gravity Ambassadors and get 30% referral fees
  • Early access to Personal Accounts & Debit Cards
  • First look at new functionality & beta launches

What are Bitstocks using this investment for?

Building on top of the strong foundations we’ve already laid over the past 3 years, Bitstocks will be using this investment to work on three particular areas:

  • Our industry-first solvency & transparency feature that will be the cornerstone of Gravity going forward
  • To unlock global cross-border micropayments through the creation of our own stablecoin
  • Deliver these features in the Personal Account; including access to a Debit Card, Savings & Loans

Investors coming on board with us will truly be contributing to building the future of finance for everyone.

What will the price of one share be?

One complete individual share in Bitstocks is £3,600. But CrowdCube lets you invest from as little as £10, they’ll automatically round your chosen investment amount up or down to the nearest complete sub-share price.

Are we buying shares of the Bitstocks company, or are we solely investing in the Gravity project?

You are investing in Bitstocks the company. This raise is purely for the next stages of our Gravity project and that’s what the investment will be spent on.


For a deeper dive into more about Bitstocks and why we’re crowdfunding for Gravity, why not check out this recording of our Instagram Live with CEO & Founder, Michael Hudson.


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