We recently asked a group of people in the UK* about their feelings towards banks. It turns out that most people see their banks as a ‘frenemy’. It’s a love-hate relationship, you know? “We can’t live with them, but we can also not live without them.”

*500 UK residents, 18-65 years of age, 45% Male / 55% Female.

Here’s what they had to say:

  • Almost a third of people surveyed don't trust, or are unsure if they trust, banking institutions

  • Over 60% of people surveyed don't think banks have their customers best interest at the heart of what they do

  • Despite this, nearly 78% of people surveyed believe that banks are the safest place for their money! (“We don’t have any alternatives!”)

It also turned out that folks are keen enough to explore newer banking options, like banking apps. Nearly half are unconvinced that legacy banks are better than newer banks.

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For me, the world of new banking solutions feels like the fresh breeze of freedom. And yet, I also feel my gut churn. Let’s say that, when it comes to my money, I have trust issues. 

And, given the track record of financial service providers around the world, it would be reckless not to think twice (even 10 times) about where you put your money.

Traditional Banks’ Habit of Financial Misconduct

Barclays came in first as the most popular bank among the people who completed our survey. Perhaps one of the better of a bunch of bad options? Let’s see...

In a 5-minute web search, I compiled the following list of Barclays’ financial misconducts over the past 5 years:

The Latest Dirt on the Crypto Industry

Even the services that promote themselves as ALTERNATIVES to the shady world of legacy banking are proving themselves dodgy as hell...

For a start, let’s look at the latest dirt on the cryptocurrency industry. Over the past two weeks alone;

Whoever still believes that the crypto industry is above the law, must surely live in la-la land! 

A Guide to Shopping for Legitimate Banking Alternatives 

In summary, if you mistrust banking institutions (new and old), you are not the crazy one. At the same time, seeking an alternative is easier said than done. In our upcoming blog series, we’ll be covering some of the criteria you need to look out for to ensure that the banking app, alternative bank, or crypto exchange, is above board and good to be trusted with your moolah. 

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