Updates and news regarding the recent change to Gravity BSV liquidity.


Monday 16 August, update at 12:30pm: 

We’re kicking off the week with some fabulous news, folks! Gravity fees have been reduced back down to our usual rate of 1% on trades. 🎉

Monday 26 July, update at 1.30pm:

We're delighted to confirm that Gravity BSV fees are down AGAIN to 1.5% as of today. (Well, we did promise we’d keep reducing them 😉)

Thursday 22nd July, update at 12.00pm:

More good news for you today folks - we’re bringing our BSV fees down to 2%, from the 2.5% that we re-opened with. As things in the space continue to stabilise, we’ll continue with our pledge to keep reducing fees back down. Happy trading!

Monday 19th July, update at 11:00am:

Good morning Gravity family and happy Monday! We’re kicking the week off with some fantastic news:

BSV trading will resume on Gravity at 12PM BST (MIDDAY) TODAY

Our team is performing a final few checks behind the scenes and will confirm at midday to let you know everything is back up and running.

We’d like to take a moment to say a huge thank you to our Dev team, led by CTO, David Arakelian, for working non-stop over the weekend to find a solution to re-enable BSV trading - the level of problem-solving has been truly inspirational.

Please note that due to the new set-up and the additional risk to the business, we’ve had to make a short-term increase to our fee structure. And you can rest assured it will be short-term, Gravity fees will decrease again as the market stabilises. Read more about how fees work on Gravity here.

Friday 16 July, update at 3.00pm:

We wish we could bring you more of an update, but at present, there is nothing new to add regarding the situation. BSV deposits and withdrawals are still active on Gravity, but trading remains suspended until further notice. We continue to keep a close eye on developments, whilst we research and assess liquidity provider options internally.

Thursday 15 July, update at 1.30pm:

Following today’s statement released by the Bitcoin Association, which you can read here, we’re also able to give you another update on Gravity. As things stand, BSV trading will remain suspended until liquidity is reinstated by our providers or we have secured new liquidity providers. We understand how frustrating this is and really appreciate your patience as we navigate this ongoing situation. Please continue to keep an eye on Gravity Twitter for up-to-date information.

Wednesday 14 July, update at 11.00am:

Our Dev team has just confirmed that BSV deposits and withdrawals have now been re-enabled for Gravity accounts.

Tuesday 13 July, update at 8.30pm:

We are conducting some final (external) checks to ensure a continued safe environment for our customers and expect to reinstate withdraws and deposits in the morning (14 July). Access to BSV trading may take longer, but solutions are being considered and we’ll continue to communicate any news through the Gravity Twitter account.

Tuesday 13 July, original post:

Our liquidity providers have informed us that due to several large crypto-exchanges disabling deposits & withdrawals for BSV, they are also suspending access to BSV liquidity. This means it will not be possible to deposit, withdraw or trade BSV on Gravity until further notice.

We have had to remove this functionality for the time being for the security of the network and your assets. The safe custody of your coins is of paramount importance to us. Please note that trading of all other digital assets on Gravity remains unaffected.

For more information on the overall situation, please read this statement from the Bitcoin Association which details how the BSV ecosystem has zero tolerance for illegal activity and is actively working with law enforcement and regulators on this matter. This situation is a great opportunity for BSV to show that an attempt at destroying the network can and will be penalised, setting a precedent for the future of the network.


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