An important update on issues with one of our current liquidity providers.

Recently, one of our current BSV liquidity providers has constrained our ability to deliver first-class pricing and guaranteed trading to you, our customers, during surges in market activity.

As such, we have prioritised moving away from this provider to obtain better liquidity elsewhere.

If you experience a trade failure on Gravity for larger BSV volumes, or receive an error message like the one below, then we would request that you call us on 020 3991 1388 and a Relationship Manager will help manage the situation for you.

Please note: This is only for trade execution errors. For all other Gravity support issues, please continue to contact our Customer Experience team on

This is purely a temporary measure, while we put another liquidity provider in place over the next few days, and we would like to assure our customers that we’re doing everything we can to rectify the situation.

Error message

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