So, Bitcoin is trending on Twitter, and most dinner table conversations now feature at least one mention of what’s happening with the bitcoin price? You’re keen to invest some money and buy bitcoin, but you don’t know where to start! 


Traditional exchanges and trading platforms are notoriously clunky and geared for tech-savvy traders who throw words like ‘stop limits’, ‘order book’ and ‘margin trading’ at you as if they’re casually mentioning today’s weather. It’s a minefield for any newcomer to the bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. 🤯 

As we’ve ‘been there, done that, and definitely got the t-shirt’ a few times over, we’ve always focussed on making the world of Bitcoin as simple to understand as possible, and that includes offering the easiest way to buy - and sell - bitcoin, via our financial ecosystem, Gravity*.

*Note: for now, Gravity is available to people over 18 years of age, residing in the UK and most of Europe (excluding Germany and Switzerland). We’re working hard towards our goal of global accessibility, but this takes significant time and regulatory processes.  

So, here we go. Today, I offer you how to buy bitcoin in 3 super easy steps, even if you’re a total newbie to cryptocurrency! 

3 Stupidly Simple Steps to Buy Bitcoin 

1.  Sign up for a Gravity Account ✅

Head on over Gravity and sign up for your account. You’ll need the following to hand: 

  • A valid form of identification, such as a passport, residence permit or drivers licence 
  • Access to a computer or mobile that you can film a selfie video with
  • A 2FA application like Google Authenticator or similar downloaded to your mobile

Our automated identity verification means that eight times out of 10, accounts can be instantly verified and accessible.


2.  Make a Deposit from Your Personal Bank Account 💷 💶

Next, you’ll want to link a personal* bank account by depositing funds into your Gravity account. You can find these details by navigating to Investments ➡️ GBP/EUR ➡️ Deposit. 

Remember, this is an account opened in your name on your behalf, meaning you’re the beneficiary—no need for special reference codes. Your sort code and account number are unique to you. 

Your first deposit will need to be verified for name match, but once this is done, any future deposits are automatically applied and, in the case of GBP, available almost instantly. 

* We aren’t able to accept deposits made from a third party or business account yet. The account must be in your personal name or a verified joint bank account.


3.  Buy Bitcoin in an Instant!  💰 ₿

Now that your money is available in your Gravity account, you’ll want to buy bitcoin by heading to Investments and selecting the version of bitcoin you’d like to buy, being either Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) or Bitcoin Core (BTC). 

Then click on the Buy option and enter the value you’d like to buy. (Basically, you’re selling your fiat money - GBP/EUR - to buy bitcoin.) 

An estimated rate of exchange will be shown, and you can ‘lock this in’ by clicking on the Preview quote button. Check your rate, and if you’re happy, click on Confirm trade. And *snaps fingers* that’s it! Your balances will be instantly updated. 

Congratulations, you now officially own bitcoin!

And one final thing, Gravity is one of only a few services providers that offer maximum security of your bitcoin by keeping them in what is called deep cold storage. In short, this means they’re not held online, and as such, they’re out of reach of would-be hackers and cybercriminals. So you can rest easy knowing your bitcoin are safe! 

Sign up for Gravity

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