‍An element of our Bitstocks ethos is that we aim to provide a personal, human touch to the otherwise technology-driven industry of cryptocurrency. Being able to pick up the phone and speak to someone about any questions or concerns you may have is a vital aspect of our service, and one that is valued by our clients. So, who is it that you are chatting to when you engage with Bitstocks?


I thought a nice touch to our blog would be a series of interviews with our team, giving you a sense of who they are, what a typical day looks like and what they get up to when they are not trying to change the world through Bitcoin investment!

We kick off with one of our Relationship Managers on the Bitcoin Advisory Desk, Antonio Shillingford.

Meet Antonio Shillingford, Bitcoin Advisory Relationship Manager at Bitstocks

Vee: So, let’s kick off with a few personal questions, shall we? Where did you grow up? Go to school, etc.

Antonio: I grew up in Bounds Green, North London and went to Broomfield Secondary School in Arnos Grove.

Vee:  Ok, sticking to the exact questions then, are you? What three words would you use (or do your peers use) to describe you?

Antonio: Intuitive, petrol-head and confident.

Vee: Were you always interested in the financial world, or did you have childhood dreams of being a policeman or firefighter?

Antonio: I always wanted to be a rally or F1 driver. This was a driving factor (Ed: mind the pun) for getting into the financial world. I wanted to acquire the means necessary to chase those dreams, and in the process I have become impassioned about Bitcoin. Every day we see how Bitcoin is challenging the status quo of the existing financial system, and in doing so, changing lives and enabling many to achieve dreams they may not have thought possible before.

Vee: Wow, that is inspiring indeed. So, take us through your day then, Antonio. What time is your alarm set for? What’s the first thing you do in the morning? How do you kick off your day at the office? What does a typical day entail?

Antonio: My alarm goes off at 7:00am.

Vee: (Interjecting) Right, so no kids then?

Antonio: Ha ha, no - no kids yet.

Vee: Ok, so once you have woken up with a soothing alarm and not a squealing baby or a toddler poking you in your eye, what is next?

Antonio: Well I get ready and hit the gym for a solid hour session between 8:00am and 9:00am. It is my time to contemplate life while getting a bit of exercise in. After gym, I head to the office and usually down a protein shake while I organise my day and prepare for any meetings or calls I have scheduled.

At 10:00am we have a daily morning meeting where we all discuss pertinent market news or any updates our clients should be made aware of. This usually runs for about an hour. Then I will generally be on the phone or in meetings, following up with people interested in investing in cryptocurrency and touching base with my clients.

At 2:00pm we take an hour lunch break, but it usually involves chatting among ourselves at each other’s desks. We all get along well here, and have many shared interests too.

Then from about 3:00pm to 7:00pm it is back to the phone or meetings with clients and potential clients until we head off for the evening. By the time I get home I am quite tired, so I generally just grab dinner and will relax in front of the telly before going to sleep. 

On the weekends I will usually spend time with my family, fulfilling my 'Uncle Antonio' duties to my nieces and nephews, which basically entails them getting what ever they want out of me as they have me wrapped around their little fingers! I will also try meet up with friends to enjoy a bit of karting or football.

Vee: For the sake of peace, I will not ask which team you support so let us move along. Can you tell me what your favourite aspect of working at Bitstocks is?

Antonio: Creating genuine relationships with our clients. I think a core differentiation for Bitstocks is that there is real incentive for both employees and clients for Bitstocks to succeed. The more Bitstocks succeeds, the better off we all are. It is about everyone - clients and staff - working together towards a goal. Growth is key and every employee knows where we want to get to as a company, as well as how to achieve it. Every day presents a challenge, but we tackle it as a team, educating ourselves every day, which means that I am continually growing and always a better version of myself today than what I was yesterday.   

Vee: Yes, I have to say, the distributed value for all concerned, not just the company, and the personal growth we experience are firm favourites of mine too. Do you have any hopes for our industry?

Antonio:  For bitcoin to become the true global payment system.

Vee: Cheers to that! Thank you for your time Antonio. Wishing you a great day!

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