Meet Cryptocurrency Advisor, James Coughlan

Vee Tardrew
Vee Tardrew
23 August 2017

Last week, we interviewed Antonio Shillingford, one of our Cryptocurrency Portfolio Advisors on the Advisory Desk here at Bitstocks. Today, we step away from our client facing team and chat to James Coughlan, a Market Analyst. While James may not deal with clients directly, his role is critical for the overall performance of Bitstocks portfolios and our investment strategy, so let us get to know James a bit better, shall we?

Who is James Coughlan?

Vee: Hi James. I trust you are having a good morning! I know you are super busy, so I will get right to it. Give us a quick rundown of your background in terms of where you grew up, went to school, etc?

James: Life started out in North London where times were rather tough, but as my Father's success grew, so did his aspirations. We moved to Hertfordshire when I was 10 years old and I was sent to a boarding school. This provided me with a great education and connected me to a wide network of people in the finance sector, which sparked my initial interest in the industry. Before joining Bitstocks, I worked within a thriving family business, which afforded me the opportunity to travel the world. It was also through this work that I realised my passion lay within the finance sector and I have not looked back since. I thrive on identifying opportunities where clients are able to have market advantage and monetary gain as a result.

Vee: So you had a keen sense for finance from quite early on then?

James: Yes, I have always been fascinated by the industry. My involvement in cryptocurrency though has turned the fascination into excitement. There is absolutely no other asset class like it. 

The opportunity for parabolic returns, coupled with technology that holds the capacity to change the world makes for an incredibly fulfilling career.

Vee: I agree! Can you explain what it is that you do at Bitstocks?

James: I am a market analyst so, in short, I am responsible for monitoring the cryptocurrency market, analysing coins in terms of their fundamental properties and potential growth trajectories with the objective of uncovering those ‘hidden gems’ that present a viable opportunity. I also track technical developments that may cause strong market movements, and make recommendations on our positions for these cases. The crypto market is subject to big shifts in relatively short time frames, so there is never a dull moment for me, although it can be a touch stressful knowing that my research, findings and decisions ultimately can make a big difference in portfolio performance.

Vee: What is it about the cryptocurrency world that excites you most?

James: The cryptocurrency world is vast, fast-paced and heavily technical. While the money to be made is probably the most expected response, I honestly find that discovering that small gem of little known information that makes all the difference to our clients to be most rewarding.

Vee: And what do you get up to when you are not at work? Do you have any favourite pastimes?

James: Ironically, I spend a considerable amount of time with my Bitstocks colleagues outside of work too! We share an enthusiasm for all things motor sport related, whether it is watching, participating or simply trawling through ad pages with any spare moment, hunting down the latest and greatest. This has been a lifelong passion, as even as a child I took pleasure in racing go karts, tinkering with motocross bikes or in fact, anything with an engine.

Vee: Thanks so much for your time, James. I will leave you to get on with your research!

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