South Korean based company, WeMade, launched MIR4, a blockchain-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), to 170 countries and in 12 languages last week to a rather tepid reception.

MIR4_Grand_openMIR4 released by WeMade

Released on Steam last week, critics quickly pointed out that MIR4 is essentially a mobile game that offers a poor PC experience, with many lamenting the auto pathing, auto questing, and auto-combat modes. Other complaints focused on the fact that the game is heavily “pay-to-win” with limited ‘free’ action. Server hackers appear to be a troublesome issue too. 

Despite the 64% negative reviews, the game has achieved a high of almost 25,000 concurrent players so far. Those who rated the game as positive are clearly hanging around for one reason - cryptocurrency! 

MIR4 Positive Review on Steam 1A positive review for MIR4 on Steam 

Play-to-Earn Cryptocurrency Comes to Online Gaming

Players that reach level 40 start earning DRACO, a utility cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for a crucial in-game ‘mined’ resource called Darksteel. MIR4 players can also “smelt” their mined Darksteel for DRACO. Alternatively, DRACO can also be used to acquire in-game NFTs, which the creator boldly claims as “the World's first NFT of commercially successful online games”. According to the official MIR4 website, these will be tradeable from this month, although the marketplace has yet to be confirmed.

MIR4 Positive Review on Steam 2MIR4 review on Steam 

Irrespective of where this happens, this is another example of cryptocurrency penetrating an already captive audience via gaming platforms, as we reported recently with both Burberry and Louis Vuitton offering in-game NFTs

Blockchain as the New Battlefield for Online Gaming 

As a new kid to the block(chain) of online gaming, Cryptofights is another great example of leveraging blockchain technology for innovative gaming experiences. 

Unlike MIR4 using a utility cryptocurrency, all Cryptofights gaming elements and actions are recorded on the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) blockchain.  

Our CEO-Founder, Michael Hudson, sat down to chat with Adam Kling, CEO-Founder of FYX Gaming, the creators of Cryptofights. 


It makes for a thought-provoking conversation about the possibilities of what’s to come to online gaming when integrated with blockchain technology. Most significantly, the opportunity for a new income stream - or career even -  through the ‘pay-to-earn’ models is now possible. 

We're keeping up to date with all developments in the NFT market, with a special interest in eSports ourselves. In time, we'll be bringing unique opportunities incorporated within our Gravity ecosystem, so keep watching this space. 

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