To mark the 11 years since the conception of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, Bitstocks has released a new eBook entitled What is Bitcoin? - the 11th Birthday Edition.


Since Satoshi Nakamoto released the first iteration of the Bitcoin protocol software in 2008 and mined the very first block in 2009, the public understanding of what Bitcoin really is has changed dramatically. The general sentiment about this emerging technology has also fluctuated with each news cycle, resulting in a recent study finding that 23% of those questioned still think that Bitcoin is merely a scam; a perception which is in no way helped by events such as the recent high-profile Twitter hack.

Bitstocks aims to rectify these misunderstandings and misconceptions with the release of their new eBook. The history, uses and benefits of Bitcoin are laid bare across five chapters; including Bitcoin is NOT a Cryptocurrency (It’s MUCH Better), Bitcoin’s Secret Sauce - A System Based on Economic Incentives and Beyond Bitcoin’s Monetary Applications. It’s the ideal starting place for anyone who wants to learn more about the story behind Bitcoin in an accessible way.

Preliminary industry reception has been overwhelmingly positive, with Joshua Petty, adventure capitalist and CEO of social media platform, Twetch, stating:

The most important takeaway from this eBook is that the world of Bitcoin is so much bigger than money. With Bitcoin, information (data) and money are intertwined to allow us to build an entirely new set of data applications, including a more intelligent Internet.

Eli Afram over at CoinGeek, was also highly complimentary of this latest publication, pegging it as a good starting place for newcomers to the industry:

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This short book is written by Bitstocks Content Marketer and crypto-industry commentator, Liz Louw, and includes a foreword from Bitstocks Founder & CEO, Michael Hudson. Of writing the eBook, Liz said:

We found that most existing content that tries to answer the question 'What is Bitcoin?' focuses on a specific aspect of the system; some dig deep into the nuts and bolts of the tech (read: Dev Porn), others place it within a philosophical framework (read: ideological agenda), and then there are those who focus on current-day Bitcoin applications. Instead of choosing a single angle, I decided to discover the story from Satoshi's perspective himself; we start with the professional challenges Satoshi faced circa 2008, how he used an incentive system to align the tech with human psychology and economic principles, and the resulting (current-day and potential) applications.

Pre-registration for the eBook has been available since January and has seen strong interest ahead of the release this week.

To get your copy, simply complete the form to download it here

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