TRL Limitless, otherwise known as James Doherty, is a 27-year-old administrator from Kent by day and racing driver extraordinaire at any other possible time! He’s a former F1 Esports driver and in 2019 coached the Renault Vitality team. 

His recent highlights include beating Scuderia Ferrari F1 driver, Charles Leclerc, in an online race for Veloce Esports #nottheGP series and hitting over 100k subscribers to his YouTube channel. Of the new partnership, TRL Limitless said -

When Gravity approached me to discuss how we could work together it felt like the perfect fit because of their vision, reputation and principles. I've tried to build a community that's built on trust and integrity and feel the partnership with Gravity is a great opportunity to showcase what they and I can achieve, and what we both stand for.

Bitstocks Founder & CEO, Michael Hudson, echoed this sentiment - “I've been aware of TRL Limitless and how quick he is on the track for some time now. Not only is James cool, calm, collected and seriously fast, but he’s also humble, whilst being incredibly competitive. A rare combination and the perfect fit as the first Ambassador for the Gravity brand”.

The wider Gravity team are also delighted with this new partnership, as a number are self-confessed ‘petrol heads’ and avid sim-racers themselves. Back in February of this year, Gravity showcased a top of the range racing simulator on their stand at the CoinGeek London Conference - with attendees coming from all over the UK, Europe and internationally, competing to achieve the fastest lap time. The winner walked away with the simulator itself and of course, bragging rights!

Not only are the Gravity team passionate about sim-racing, but also about enabling individuals within the field of eSports. As a younger industry, it is yet to implement a payment and banking solution that truly empowers content creators and drivers within the space. Bitstocks’ Gravity aims to open up financial opportunities for sim-racers and eSports professional, who are often a tech-savvy, millennial demographic that have alternative forms of income.

To find out more about Gravity, check out our blog posts - inlcuding these handy FAQ's.

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