The best time to kickstart your Financial Fitness is NOW. Yes! Even while an economic recession is underway! 

Build your financial savvy while the chips are down, so once the tide turns, you’ll be in the best position to get the most out of economic booms. 

Our latest eBook will help you to understand the core concepts of traditional finance, and guide you to reinvent them to suit YOUR LIFE in the digital age. 


Tao / Dao 


Tao (pronounced: Dao)  is a Chinese word signifying the "way", "path", "route", "road" or sometimes more loosely "doctrine", "principle" or "holistic beliefs". Wikipedia


Taking a data-driven approach to improve your finances

All of us dream of a future where we are better off in our relationships, achieving our professional and financial goals, and ticking off the items on our bucket list.

And yet, making these dreams a reality takes hard work. 

The Tao of Personal Finance will guide you in how to get to work on realising your financial dreams.

One of the simplest, yet toughest ways to get started is to implement a data-driven approach to improve your finances:

Define, measure, analyse and improve 

Tough - because flying blind and hoping for the best is no longer an option. 

Simple, because you manage to break down your HUGE dreams into small, achievable steps.

2. Invest in yourself

Find an apprenticeship, enroll in further education, get accredited, do an unpaid internship, take on a side-hustle, monetise your hobby...

If you have recently entered the job market or you’ve just started climbing the ladder of success, it’s understandable to feel discouraged when an economic downturn puts a spanner in the wheels of your professional growth.

Turn the calamity into opportunity by investing in yourself!

While the economy is in slow motion (or reverse), work on building your professional credits so you can be off to a jumping start when things get back into motion.

Find an apprenticeship, enroll in further education, get accredited, do an unpaid internship, take on a side-hustle, monetise your hobby...

Though taking on a new challenge means you’ll have less time to play, you’ll flip your worries about the future into excitement about your new ventures, and the doors they’ll open for you.

Ps. Formal education IS NOT everything!!! So, if you never got a University degree, or you’d like to change industries, NOW is your chance to make magic while everyone’s attention is occupied by economic woes.


Debt can quickly overwhelm you if left unchecked. Follow our simple calculation to see how you fare.

Debt seems to be one of those crazy, nonsensical rites of passage when it comes to finances. Your 18th birthday hangover has barely budged before the banks are hounding you down.

It’s like … congratulations, you’re an adult … now, here, have a credit card. Not entirely acting with your best interests at heart, are they?

And yet, it’s easy to find ourselves tempted with these offers … you know, “just in case”. Unless you’re a saint when it comes to spending, it won’t be long before you could find that you’re paying a good whack of your income towards those dreaded debts. 

But what’s considered a reasonable level of debt, anyway?

The Tao of Personal Finance offers you a step-by-step guide.


Understand the Difference Between Price and Value

You only need to read so much financial news on mainstream and social media to see that most of the coverage relates to price.

“Tesla’s shares are up 85%!”

“Bitcoin is down 20% in a week!” 

“Polkadot is the new crypto on the block and its price is rising fast!”

Where price is at the centre of the hype, tread carefully! While price increases might tempt you to value an asset highly, true value is a horse of a different colour! 

Grab your copy of the Tao of Personal Finance to learn how to outsmart hype and rumours!


Know traditional investment categories, but think bigger!

If terms like ‘asset classes’ and ‘investment vehicles’ sound like Greek to you, we blame you not! 

Though it’s important to empower yourself by getting a lay of the Investment Land, you sure don’t have to take a deep dive into investment jargon to start on the right foot. 

We take you through what you need to know, including the difference between savings and investment, compound interest, the concept of risk-reward ratio, asset classes and investment vehicles (the Investment Burger). 


Identify your personal investment risk profile!


“Everyone preaches their own book,” they say. The same goes for investment portfolios.

That amazing investment opportunity your school mate is bragging about? Chances are she’s heavily invested in the very same. 

And can you really blame her? From an evolutionary standpoint, we’re wired to try and convince others of our positions to justify our decisions. 

How about that once-in-a-lifetime investment that even your taxi driver is talking about? It’s a tell-tale sign of a bubble that’s about to burst…

BEFORE you start looking at investment opportunities, determine your investment profile by considering your goals (a house deposit, or a trust fund for your newborn baby), experience, your investment timeline (a 50-year investment plan, or more like 5-years?), and your other financial resources.

Download Your Copy of The Tao of Personal Finance

Have you ever really thought about just how broken the current global banking system is? 

Well luckily for you, we have. We’ve thought about it, we’ve looked at it and we didn’t like what we found. Now we shed light on the problem and take a stand against the status-quo to provide an alternative financial solution. 

Bitstocks stands for a world re-imagined, a future re-defined and technology re-engineered for the benefit of people like me and you. We stand for integrity, for community and for empowerment.

We want to put the power back in your hands - by giving you complete sight of where your money is at all times. Whether it’s large-scale investing or everyday banking, we won’t rest until you, and your money, are sovereign. 

The Tao of Personal Finance is one of the many resources we offer you to get you from where you are to where you’d like to be. Download your free copy and we’ll recommend other valuable content to further you on your journey.

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