2017 will go down in history as the year in which cryptocurrency started going mainstream. By May, the bitcoin price had doubled from its 1st of January position, showing a 91% correlation with Google searches for bitcoin. In August we saw bitcoin’s price rise to 200%,  then 300% of its new year’s position, as crypto development, diversity and public adoption surged. By November, Google searches for “Buy Bitcoin” became more popular than “buy gold”.

While the growth spurts in bitcoin price and adoption are indeed significant markers of the year for cryptocurrencies, the community embarked on a much broader spectrum of ventures in 2017. To highlight these events, we present you with our top 10 blogs of the year, ranked according to reader popularity.

Our Top 9 Cryptocurrency News Blogs of 2017

9. SEC COIN ETF Rejection is Great News for Bitcoin

On 10 March 2017, the US Security Exchange Commission declined the application for a Bitcoin based ETF. As expected, bitcoin critics lauded the disapproval as an indication that bitcoin isn’t a ‘real currency’ and shouldn’t be considered an investment vehicle at all.

But the fact is that Bitcoin doesn’t need the ETF to thrive and that the disapproval is actually good news for bitcoin. Great news, actually. Read what Michael Hudson, Bitstocks’ CEO and Founder, has to say on the topic.

8.  Team Talk: Getting to Know Cryptocurrency Portfolio Advisor Antonio Shillingford

An element of our Bitstocks ethos is that we aim to provide a personal, human touch to the otherwise technology-driven industry of cryptocurrency. Being able to pick up the phone and speak to someone about any questions or concerns you may have is a vital aspect of our service and one that is valued by our clients. So, who is it that you are chatting to when you engage with Bitstocks?

Meet Antonio Shillingford, Portfolio Manager on the Advisory Desk, to find out for yourself why this was our 8th most popular blog of the year, and to learn about his hopes for the cryptocurrency industry. Meet Antonio...

7.  The Challenges Ethereum Needs to Overcome

During a rather chaotic week for cryptocurrencies with corrections abound, one cryptocurrency in particular gained the attention of investors the world over. Ethereum! Having experienced impressive growth in 2017, many are speculating that Ethereum may hold the potential to topple Bitcoin's reign as 'King of the Cryptos'.

In this piece, a Bitstocks staff member voices disagreement: “Ethereum has some impressive qualities, but it faces a number of challenges that it will have to overcome if it is ever to pose any serious threat to Bitcoin.” Read more...

6.  6 Significant Reasons Bitcoin Will Continue to Break ATHs in 2017

During another eventful June week for cryptocurrencies  Vee Tardrew, our Head of Marketing, provides insight into the reasons why, despite a slightly higher level of volatility at the time, we will see Bitcoin continuing to break new ground this year. In retrospect, Vee was spot on. Read her analysis to see why...

5.  BitKan Shape The Future Summit 2017: Our Top Presentation Picks from Hong Kong

Our CEO, Michael Hudson, attended the BitKan "Shape The Future" Blockchain Global Summit in Hong Kong in September. Giving feedback on his experience, Michael says: “The development underway, and still to come, in the Bitcoin space is fascinating, and encouraging for continued adoption and investment. I walked away more confident than ever before in my decision to leave traditional finance behind and establish Bitstocks. Not for my own personal gain, but for the win-win-win opportunity it offers our clients, staff and business to benefit from participation in the greatest financial movement of our time.”In order to give you a view of the presentations that Michael attended, and a glimpse into the future of Bitcoin, Liz rounded up some of our favourites. Read the article featuring the video recordings.

4. Bitcoin Cash’s Big Blocks: What it Means for Bitcoin

Is bigger better when it comes to bitcoin block size?We know that with rapid adoption in recent years, Bitcoin buckled under the demand for transactions. The 1MB block size allowed for only so many transactions to be processed and as demand increased, so did the time it was taking for transactions to be processed. Not to mention that this had an impact on fees too, as bitcoin slowly became more and more expensive to use.In August of this year, as a result of these struggles and an inability to come to an agreement regarding a viable solution, a group of developers set off on their own, hard-forking from the main Bitcoin chain, with a focus of scaling Bitcoin using bigger block sizes. This is Bitcoin Cash.In a feature article on the topic, Vee explores the big block mentality, checks in on the development and shares the results of a promising experiment proving secure scalability far beyond an 8MB block size. Read Vee’s article to learn why we are so excited about big blocks...

3. My Personal Bitcoin Story: A South African Perspective

While we generally cover an array of Bitcoin topics such as the fundamentals, industry news, development and economics, there comes a time for personal introductions. In this blog, Vee Tardrew, Bitstocks’ Head of Marketing, shares an introspective tale of her own, deeply personal journey with Bitcoin and Bitstocks, on a road from overwhelming debt to financial freedom, written from a South African viewpoint. Read Vee’s story...

2. Would Bitcoin Survive an EMP Attack? Our Experts Weigh In

In September, we welcomed a new member to our marketing team, Liz Louw. The primary function of our marketing department is to publish interesting, informational and educational content around cryptocurrency and Liz's arrival provided a much-needed boost to our resources.

In her first month on the job, Liz covered the interesting and topical issue of an EMP attack, and what the impact on Bitcoin would be. Read what our experts had to tell Liz about the potential impact of an EMP attack...

1. Using Brawn and Bitcoin to Provide Relief for Hurricane Victims

In September, the Bitstocks team tacked the Tough Mudder, an extreme adventure and obstacle race, to raise much-needed funds for Hurricane Irma victims - and readers got the chance to help too, without getting dirty! At the end of the day, thanks to your generosity, we were able to transfer >8 BTC ($38k at the time) to Direct Relief’s emergency fund for the Caribbean on 25 September.

Bitcoin holds innate philanthropic properties and since the beginning of Bitstocks, it had always been one of Bitstocks’ CEO, Michael Hudson’s, objectives with the business to contribute charitably using cryptocurrency. The devastating effect Hurricane Irma had on the Caribbean this summer, battering the islands and leaving many without homes or hope, prompted him to fast-track these plans. Read about our fundraising campaign here...


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