They are the questions we hear most frequently.

‘Have I missed the boat with Bitcoin?’

‘Is it too late to invest?’

‘Have I waited too long to start investing in bitcoin?’

Our answer is always a confident, ‘No!’

Typically they are raised by people who have only recently come to hear of Bitcoin and view it in a rather narrow light. Most specifically, as a currency. One that has seen incredible price surges in recent months.

Generally, due to lack of further research or understanding, they have not as yet begun to explore the technology that underpins Bitcoin, being the blockchain, and the vast viability this revolutionary innovation offers.

Unlimited, Untapped Use Cases

One of our recent articles outlined the role that the blockchain could play in electoral processes and voting. This is just one example of a use case for Bitcoin. There are many, many more that remain largely untapped at this point. This is not to say that they will not come to fruition in the near future, as hundreds, if not thousands, of bitcoin startups ferociously work to bring these blockchain based applications to life, pushing Bitcoin further in mainstream adoption.

For more traditional investors, Bitcoin can appear to be a bit of a mystery as it is unlike any other asset class or investment available today. It represents the Internet of money. What the Internet meant to the accessibility of information, Bitcoin means to society at large. It has the capacity to change and adapt to just about any use case imaginable, and the potential to positively impact on nearly every industry on the planet. Bitcoin derives its value from its utility, and its full value is still far from being realised.  

Development Drives Value

When you invest in Bitcoin, you essentially own a piece of the technology itself, and you are indirectly and simultaneously investing into every single Bitcoin company that already exists and will be created. It is the development minds that will forge the extended use cases for Bitcoin, increase its user base by improving usability and therefore, allowing anyone to access this groundbreaking technology. Subsequently, you can take an armchair approach to your investment and allow the Google, Facebook and YouTube of tomorrow to push the bitcoin price up.

Speaking of price, below highlights the annual and daily growth we have seen in Bitcoin for the last 3 year period, indicating an ongoing positive trend.

Bitcoin Growth 2015 to 2017

If we consider Bitcoin’s short lifespan of a mere decade, the technology has an infinite amount of time to grow. And this is precisely why, in our opinion, no it is certainly not too late to invest in Bitcoin. The sooner you do, the more you have to gain in the long term.

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