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Bitcoin SV Genesis Upgrade - Sooner Than You Thought?

On November the 7th, Bitcoin SV lead developer, Daniel Connolly, joined Bitstocks’ CTO, David Arakelian in the studio to discuss the February 2020 Genesis upgrade and unleashing Bitcoin for mass adoption. In th...
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Interview with the Author: Liz Louw, 'What Is Bitcoin?' eBook

Last week Bitstocks released their second eBook penned by content creator and industry commentator, Liz Louw. I caught up with her to get the backstory on the project and to dig a little deeper on what it’s like to be a female commentator in the male-dominated industry of fintech. Tell me, what sparked the idea for this new eBook? The eBook is a result of a creative conundrum I had to solve… When I started working in.
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