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Bitcoin SV Genesis Upgrade - Sooner Than You Thought?

On November the 7th, Bitcoin SV lead developer, Daniel Connolly, joined Bitstocks’ CTO, David Arakelian in the studio to discuss the February 2020 Genesis upgrade and unleashing Bitcoin for mass adoption. In th...
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Bitcoin Halving 2020 - The Bigger Picture & What to Expect

“If you mess with Bitcoin’s incentive system, the whole thing falls apart,” - Elia Yousif, Bitstocks CTO  For the past 18 months, Bitstocks has been hammering on about the importance of Bitcoin’s economic model in the light of the upcoming reward halving.  As the first halving events of 2020 (on BCH first, then on BSV) are expected in less than a fortnight, it’s time to recap. Here’s why we believe that Bitcoin is fi.
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