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Bitcoin SV Genesis Upgrade - Sooner Than You Thought?

On November the 7th, Bitcoin SV lead developer, Daniel Connolly, joined Bitstocks’ CTO, David Arakelian in the studio to discuss the February 2020 Genesis upgrade and unleashing Bitcoin for mass adoption. In th...
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Kings of Leon Launch NFT Song into Space for Charity

The rock band are the latest artists to send an NFT version of their track, “Time in Disguise”, into space aboard Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket, Resilience, for the Inspiration4 mission. It’s said that the NFT travelled into orbit on an iPhone in the pocket of one of the all-civilian crew members, Hayley Arceneaux. Kings of Leon aren’t new to the NFT marketplace, but the NFT track being played in space is a first. Excite.
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