A question we get asked quite often is why we’ve decided to name our financial ecosystem ‘Gravity’. We want to assure you that the long-term vision behind our choice will become clear as the Gravity Ecosystem develops. What we can share you in on right away is the relationship between the concept of ‘gravity’ and our vision for Gravity’s user experience, as well as the philosophical underpinnings of our mission.

Why Gravity?

When you think about gravity, you realise that it’s a fundamental force to the human experience. It supports everything we do on this planet, and yet we’re never consciously aware of its presence. 

It’s everything, yet nothing. 

It’s the thing that’s holding you to your chair, while it’s keeping your chair firmly on the ground, while the planet is spinning around its axis and the solar system. And yet we accept it as a given part of reality. We experience gravity at every single moment of our lives, even while we’re sleeping. To define gravity, you could describe it as a natural phenomenon through which all things and all energy are brought towards each other. 

At Bitstocks, we’re building a financial ecosystem that shares these characteristics.

Bitstocks’ Gravity will bring together all of your financial transactions, as well as your data interactions within the data-based economy that’s evolving around us - under one ecosystem. We want to make sure you have all the services you need, but in a way that it’s presence doesn’t push in on your life experience. 

Our ethos is offering you services that are backed by the power, scale and transparency of the true Bitcoin, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), without having to be aware of the complexity of the technology. We want your interactions with Bitcoin to be so seamless and easy that you’re not even aware that it’s there. Gravity is the world’s first fiancial ecosystem backed by the power and scale of BSV.

If you’d like to know why we support Bitcoin SV as the node implementation that’s truest to the Bitcoin whitepaper and vision, we recommend our eBook on Bitcoin myths. You can get your free copy over here!

With Gravity, we aim to provide everyday financial services in a way that’s similar to your traditional bank. Over time we'll also be introducing novel digital services that help you to onboard onto the data-based economy with your data-sovereignty intact.

What is Financial Sovereignty?

The concept of data sovereignty is still a foreign idea to many. And yet, most of us have a keen sense of the multiple threats posed to our financial sovereignty. 

Financial sovereignty is a core philosophy of Bitstocks, and Bitcoin SV is a key component to delivering that promise to you.

But, what does sovereignty mean? And, how does Bitcoin SV fit in?

To me, being sovereign means having self-ownership in all aspects of my life. It means the right to having ownership of your property: financial property, real estate, your time, and your personal data.

If you’re aware of how the fractional reserve banking system works, you’ll know that you lose ownership of your money the moment you hand it over to a bank. Banks are allowed to loan your money to someone else, without allowing you any input in the matter. The day you want to withdraw your funds from the bank, you can only hope that they have it in reserve. That’s not even speaking of how the buying power of your savings is reduced through national money-printing schemes promoted as ‘sound monetary policy’... The control is all in their hands and essentially the money is never truly yours. 

We want to turn that model on its head. It’s our long-term goal to allow you access to your finances whenever you need it, wherever you are in the world, while having full transparency of your funds at all times. We want you to have control over your finances, and that’s why we’re building our ecosystem on Bitcoin SV’s fully transparent infrastructure.

Join Bitstocks Gravity

Gravity was launched in August of 2019 as a private Beta programme. At the beginning of April 2020 we expanded Gravity services to Europe. We’re also on track to expand to more continents in 2021, with a view on North and South America, Africa and Asia.

For now, we’d like to invite residents of the UK and Europe (excluding Germany & Switzerland) to take Gravity for a test drive.Sign up for Gravity

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